Artisan Bread & Buns

Pane Fresco breads are made the old-fashioned way, using natural levain and the smallest amount of yeast for incredible texture and flavour. No additives or preservatives.


Gently hand rolled, this traditional French bread has a light crumb with a thin crisp crust. Delicious when used for sandwiches, or to enjoy with pasta.


Very rustic, the Bastone is the Italian cousin to the Baguette, with a thicker crust and denser crumb dotted with olives, roasted garlic or chili peppers. Great with Antipasto platters of any sort!


Batards are short, wide and have a nice tight crumb. Perfect for traditional sandwiches.


Ciabatta means “slipper” in Italian, the bread is light & airy with a crisp crust and loaded with flavour because of the slow long rise process. Perfect for “scarpetta” meaning to soak up all your delicious sauces!


Focaccia is a thick-styled bread that is brushed with garlic oil & fresh herbs. Fantastic with cheeses and antipasto.


A classic Tuscan style flatbread which is thinner than traditional focaccia, schiacciata is often topped with unique ingredients inspired by different regions in Italy.

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