About Us

Pane Fresco was developed out of a dream to create a world class bakery that would be comparable to the greats in Rome, Paris and New York but found in Burlington. The passion for the craft of artisan bread led Marc Albanese and his wife Felicia to open Pane Fresco with a commitment to using the highest quality of ingredients to provide their patrons with quality and freshness while simultaneously serving them with a smile.

Pane Fresco offers a “Theater of Artisanal Bread” – bread that is made with no preservatives using time honoured techniques to coax as much flavour into the bread by simply using flour, water, salt and the tiniest amount of yeast possible. Bakers shape and mold doughs by hand in front of you, and then the breads are baked in a European Deck oven.

Marc’s breads and cafe foods are equal to the world’s best as he was trained in San Francisco by the world’s leading teacher of Artisanal bread making “Master Baker Didier Rosada”.

Pane Fresco is not only a bakery and cafe but it is an experience you will be delighted to share with your family and friends.